[Review] Brickmania: WWII Japanese Infantry Squad Pack

Bring the might of the Imperial Japanese Army to your LEGO World with the Brickmania WWII Japanese Infantry – Squad Pack.

The Squad Pack (BSP020) comes with enough torso stickers for 9 troops. While you sacrifice some detail with the lack of leg/feet stickers, I think it’s worth it to outfit your troops for about $0.67 each.

The minifigures above are utilizing either the BrickArms T-90 Helmet or the BrickWarriors Japanese Hat. All of the weapons carried by the figures, including the Type 100 SMG and the Arisaka rife with bayonet, are available in the BrickArms WWII Pacific Battle Pack.

If you’ve purchased any of Brickmania’s Stickers (or tried to make your own), you know how varied the print/color quality can be. I’d like to compliment these figures for their color accuracy. The tan (LEGO Brick Yellow) stickers visually match the LEGO bricks from almost every angle.

The Japanese Infantry Squad Pack includes 9 torso tunic stickers for outfitting your troops. Going across from left to right, top to bottom, I’ve attempted to identify the ranks of each minifigure.

BKM Product NumberNamePriceDesignColor/PrintingNumber of MinifiguresPrice per MinifigCountryAllianceBuy Now
BSP020WWII Japanese Infantry Squad Pack$6.00559$0.67JapanAxisBrickmania

PVT First Class Nos. 1 and 4 are Private 1st Class 一等兵 (Ittōhei (Soldier First Class))

PVT 2nd Class Nos. 2, 3, 5, and 6 are Private 2nd Class 二等兵 (Nitōhei (Soldier Second Class))

Staff Sergeant No. 7 is a Sergeant Major 曹長 (Sōchō)

No. 8 is a Sergeant 軍曹 (Gunsō)

Lance Corporal No. 9 is a Lance Corporal 兵長 (Heichō (Leading Soldier))

Japanese airmen, officers, and sailors are available in other sticker packs.